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7 Best Text-to-Speech Software 2023

What is the Best Text to Speech Software?

  1. Notevibes — best of the best
  2. Synthesys — best for voice overs
  3. Murf — best for replicating your voice
  4. Descript — best for content creators
  5. Speechelo — best bang for the buck
  6. NaturalReader — best for devs
  7. iSpeech — best TTS

1. Notevibes

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best Price:

Starts with a free plan Notevibes is the best text-to-speech software in the market. We think it’s the best of the best because of its great natural-sounding voices, its flexibility, and the free plan.

The Best Part:

Natural-sounding human voices. Notevibes reading voices sound fluid and human-like. You’ll never run into those weird intonations.

Get it if you want to save some time with stuff you’d spend reading like emails, news, memos, and more.

I recommend you get started on the Notevibes Commercial plan for $1080 per year.

Best For: Notevibes is best for anyone who wants to listen to stuff they don’t want to spend time reading.

Top Features:

  • Listen to pretty much anything. Have Notevibes read your emails, messenger apps, website pages… You can even snap a pic of a page and it will read it out loud for you!
  • Use it on any device you own. Pick your weapon: iOS, Android, Web, MacOS, Chrome extension, Safari extension,
  • Instant translation. When you paste text into Notevibes, you can have it converted into 60+ languages, easy peasy.
  • Loved by the people. Notevibes has been used by over 20 million users, with hundreds of thousands of 5 star reviews. is best for anyone wanting to create voice overs for their brand, marketing, social media, or any other purpose.

Pricing Notevibes offers three pricing plans:

Free: The most basic version, for those getting started with TTS software.

Notevibes Commercial: $1080/year for the full power of Notevibes.

Notevibes Corporate: for enterprise and big companies.

2. Synthesys

Synthesys ranks as the top text-to-speech software due to its astonishingly realistic voice overs, extensive selection of voices and languages, and a remarkably affordable price for unlimited voice overs.

The Highlights:

Unparalleled quality. Synthesys provides the finest text-to-speech voices in the industry. It’s the only software capable of producing voice overs for hours without ever being recognized as artificial. Truly remarkable.

The Drawbacks:

Artificial human voices are limited to English. Despite offering 254 voices across 66+ languages, Synthesys’ full potential is only unlocked in English, with 38 genuine human voices.

Choose Synthesys if you wish to produce English voice overs that no one will ever suspect are synthesized voices.

We suggest starting with the Audio Synthesys Monthly plan at $29 per month, and then upgrading to the Yearly plan for a 20% discount

Ideal For:

Synthesys is perfect for anyone looking to create voice overs for branding, marketing, social media, or any other objectives.

Top Characteristics:

  • Effortless learning curve. Synthesys is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no specific skills. Simply select gender, accent, style, tone, and the software handles the rest.
  • High accuracy on the first try. It’s remarkable how often Synthesys can produce natural-sounding outputs on the initial attempt. If adjustments are needed, it’s easy to tweak and recreate the voiceover.
  • Endless possibilities. Imagine having a team of talented voiceover artists at your disposal to create content like podcasts, radio ads, greetings, and more.
  • Expand to international markets. With 254 voices across 66 languages, you can effortlessly translate your content into multiple languages to reach new audiences. Share your viral video in Spanish, Chinese, or Portuguese on social media and break into new markets.
  • Unbeatable value. At $29, it’s unlikely you could obtain a single high-quality voiceover from a professional artist. Synthesys provides unlimited voice overs at this price, offering exceptional value for your investment.

Synthesys presents three pricing options:

  • Audio Synthesys: $29/month for limitless AI voice-over downloads.
  • Human Studio Synthesys: $39/month for unlimited AI videos.
  • Audio and Human Studio Synthesys: $59/month, granting access to both “Audio” and “Human Studio” plans at a 20% discount.

Yearly subscriptions come with a 20% discount.


Murf is the ideal choice for individuals seeking to reproduce their voices or others’ voices, allowing them to create content without the expert’s presence.

The Highlights:

AI can mimic your own voice, ensuring brand consistency throughout your content.

The Drawbacks:

Unused credits do not roll over. Any remaining words from your monthly quota will not carry over to the next month.

Choose Murf if you require an exceptional tool that offers natural-sounding voices and the ability to fine-tune speech to produce realistic presentations.

If you have budget constraints but still require high-quality voices, consider Speechelo as an alternative.

We suggest starting with the complimentary plan to test Murf, then upgrading to the Pro plan (which includes commercial usage rights) for $26/month.

Ideal For:

Murf is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to produce a wide variety of voice combinations.

Top Characteristics:

  • Over 120 voices in 20+ languages to narrate your content. Even create a custom voice or have your own voice replicated by AI for brand consistency!
  • Exceptionally realistic voices. Murf enables the creation of convincing voice overs that closely resemble human speech. Adjust emphasis, insert pauses, modify speech patterns, and more to make your voice overs sound genuinely human.
  • Broaden your reach with translated voice overs. Murf supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, and 17+ additional languages, with both male and female voices.
  • Superior team collaboration features. With the Enterprise plan, your team can collaborate on voice projects, share ideas, and complete tasks more efficiently. Long-form audio capabilities. Create audio content up to 30 minutes in length, perfect for in-depth discussions on complex topics.

Murf presents four pricing options:

  • Free: Sample the software with 10 minutes of voice overs.
  • Solo: $19/month, ideal for individuals starting with AI voice generation. Pro: $39/month, suitable for teams requiring commercial usage rights.
  • Enterprise: $249+/month, tailored for businesses that need to scale extensively. Murf provides a 24-hour money-back guarantee for accounts that have utilized less than 10 minutes of text-to-speech conversion.

Yearly subscriptions come with a 33% discount.

4. Descript

Descript delivers precise voice generation and a host of essential features for bloggers, podcasters, online course creators, and anyone producing digital content.

The Highlights:

Efficient and time-saving. Descript allows you to edit audio and video in the same manner as editing a Google doc file, enabling quick identification and editing of relevant sections using text.

The Drawbacks:

Some users report occasional glitches. Reviews indicate that Descript may occasionally freeze, temporarily preventing access to the project you’re working on.

Choose Descript if you dislike editing audio and video files using multimedia software and prefer a visual, text-based approach to editing your recordings.

For AI voice overs without a recurring fee, consider Speechelo as an alternative.

We suggest starting with the complimentary plan to test Descript, then upgrading to the Pro plan (including commercial usage rights) for $26/month.

Ideal For:

Descript is perfect for content creators aiming to reduce the time spent recording and editing their video and audio content.

Top Characteristics:

  • Regain your time. Descript enables editing of audio and video as easily as modifying a Google docs file. There’s no need for busy professionals to review full audio streams or use additional multimedia editing software.
  • Descript serves as a comprehensive audio and video editing solution for content creators. It offers transcription services, a screen recorder, publishing features, and remarkable AI tools.
  • Overdub, Descript’s unique feature, allows you to create an AI model of your voice for editing your recordings. If you need to make changes after recording, simply find the appropriate spot in the transcript, delete the unwanted content, and replace it with the desired text. Overdub seamlessly alters or adds the audio using your own voice. Say goodbye to re-recording sessions!
  • Trusted by major companies such as ESPN, The New York Times, and Shopify.
  • Leverage API capabilities to streamline your workflow. Publish to platforms like YouTube, Restream, Vimeo, and more. Export your timeline to your preferred video-editing tool or use Zapier for further integrations.

Descript presents four pricing options:

  • Free: Sample the software with 3 hours of complimentary transcriptions.
  • Creator: $15/month, suitable for individuals requiring up to 10 hours of transcriptions and voice overs per month.
  • Pro: $30/month, ideal for small teams needing more advanced features.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing tailored for businesses requiring security compliance. Descript offers refunds if requested within 48 hours of the invoice date.

5. Speechelo

Speechelo provides high-quality voices without a recurring fee.

The Highlights:

One-time payment. The basic version of Speechelo is available with a single payment, offering exceptional value for money, especially considering the natural-sounding voices provided.

The Drawbacks:

Limited features on the basic plan. The basic plan offers 30 voices and a 5,000-word limit per voiceover. To access additional features, such as 70+ voice options and a 20,000-word limit, you’ll need to pay $47/quarter for the Pro upgrade.

Choose Speechelo if you’re seeking the best value for money in a text-to-speech software.

For a more comprehensive solution, consider Murf.

We recommend purchasing Speechelo for $47, and if you require higher limits or commercial rights, opt for the Pro plan at an additional $47 per quarter.

Ideal For:

Speechelo is perfect for individuals on a budget seeking to optimize their time with AI-powered text-to-speech technology.

Top Attributes:

  • Lifetime access. Speechelo offers a one-time payment for lifelong access, providing unbeatable long-term value, particularly considering the affordable pricing.
  • Customize voices for a natural sound. Add breaths, pauses, and tweak phrases’ emphasis. The AI-generated output is often impressive, requiring minimal adjustments.
  • Eliminate language barriers. Speechelo Tube can convert any YouTube link into a high-quality, professional voiceover using AI. This feature allows you to translate videos into new languages, expanding your audience and entering new markets, even if you don’t speak the language.
  • Fast processing. Speechelo rapidly generates audio from your text.
  • User-friendly interface. Speechelo’s visually appealing and intuitive design makes it easy to use. Simply type or paste text into a box, select the voice and other options, and click “render” to create your voiceover.

Speechelo provides two pricing options:

  • Standard: A one-time payment of $47 for 30 voices and a 5,000-word limit per voiceover.
  • Pro: $47 per quarter for 70+ voices and a 20,000-word limit per voiceover.

6. NaturalReader

Natural Reader is a remarkable text-to-speech software that stands out for its impressive natural-sounding voices, user-friendly interface, and versatility in catering to various needs. As a valuable tool for those who require assistance with reading, proofreading, or multitasking, Natural Reader has garnered a significant following among students, professionals, and people with reading difficulties.

With a wide range of voices in multiple languages and accents, this software enables users to easily convert text into speech, enhancing comprehension and engagement with written content.

Key Feature:

One of the key features of Natural Reader is the quality and range of its voice options. With both free and premium voices available, users can choose from a diverse selection to find the perfect fit for their needs. The text-to-speech conversion is smooth and realistic, creating an enjoyable listening experience. The software’s ability to fine-tune voice speed, pitch, and volume allows users to customize their audio output, ensuring maximum comfort and understanding.


Natural Reader’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for users of all skill levels. The software is compatible with various file formats such as PDF, Word, and ePub, and it can also read text directly from web pages. Additionally, the integration with optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows users to convert printed text into digital format, making it readable by the software. With a simple design and intuitive controls, users can quickly learn to navigate and utilize the features of Natural Reader.

In conclusion

Natural Reader is a powerful text-to-speech software that offers an excellent solution for individuals seeking a reliable and customizable reading aid. Its high-quality, natural-sounding voices, combined with an easy-to-use interface and extensive features, make it a top choice for a diverse range of users. From students and professionals to individuals with reading challenges, Natural Reader is an essential tool that enhances productivity, comprehension, and the overall reading experience.

7. iSpeech

iSpeech is a versatile text-to-speech software that offers a wide range of voice options, language support, and convenient features for users with varying needs.

It caters to individuals, businesses, and developers, providing an efficient solution for converting text into natural-sounding speech. With its simple interface and robust API, iSpeech is a popular choice for content creators, educators, and individuals with reading difficulties or those who prefer an auditory experience.


One of the standout features of iSpeech is its extensive voice library, which covers numerous languages and accents, providing users with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate voice for their content. The software’s text-to-speech engine is designed to produce realistic and natural-sounding speech, ensuring a pleasant listening experience. Additionally, the customization options for voice speed, pitch, and volume enable users to tailor their audio output according to personal preferences.

iSpeech’s user-friendly platform allows for easy conversion of various file formats such as PDF, Word, and HTML into speech. The software is compatible with different devices and platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users. For developers, iSpeech offers a powerful API that can be integrated into various applications, enhancing the user experience by adding text-to-speech functionality.

In Conclusion

iSpeech is a comprehensive text-to-speech solution that combines an impressive selection of high-quality voices with a simple and accessible interface. Its versatility makes it suitable for a diverse range of users, including individuals, businesses, and developers. By providing a smooth and customizable listening experience, iSpeech enables users to engage with their content in a more dynamic and enjoyable way.

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